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Zandile Nqweni Charmane - EDP 2016

Zandile Nqweni Charmane.jpg

Zandile works for the Government Employee Medical Scheme. She shares her experience with us on the Executive Development Programme which she attended in 2016.

I was looking and expected to be empowered with tools and skills from an industry perspective to be more effective in my position. Also from an academic and productive perspective.

To my surprise the programme​ actually exceeded that and I’ll be taking back to my work much more.

The conversation about sustainability was very relevant and “alive” for me and the fact that it gives a competitive advantage. It made me realise there is a much bigger cause out there. There is a value component to being a responsible citizen in what we do – also in the business world.

For me this was in the right place, the right time and the right timing.

Also of great value was the initial session about career mapping, how you need to understand the people around you and the different life-stages they are in. This is something that I can take back and implement immediately.

We also talked about work-life balance. What is a priority for the work and what is a priority for me – is there a conflict?

Also of importance for me was innovation and how it should be “used” in doing business. One need to maximise it when looking at the market. This was also something to take back and implement immediately.

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