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The Constituents of Entrepreneurial Success

This article relates to Eugene Pienaar’s dissertation “The most prevalent features impacting on significant financial success amongst repeat entrepreneurs”. In this research he interviewed 10 highly financially successful entrepreneurs and systematically analysed each transcription and discovered profound commonalities amongst them and their businesses. 
The commonalities belonged to three themes that the research was categorised into. The first was the attributes and features their businesses had which was referred to as the financial potential of opportunity. The second was the know-how and abilities the entrepreneurs had to execute the required business specific activities, this was referred to as effectiveness of execution. The third was the source of motivation that enables entrepreneurs to take entrepreneurial action even when significant resistance is faced, this was referred to as extent of entrepreneurial action.
Even though these themes seem independent from each other, it was found that entrepreneurial success was born from a synchronistic balance of their underlying constituents.

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