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Roger Armitage - EDP 2016

Roger is an agricultural economist with the company TSGROW Farming Services in the sugar sector, essentially assisting land reform beneficiaries.  He shares his experience with us on the Executive Development Programme which he attended in 2016.

My expectations and what I expected to learn was all kinds of cool business techniques and tools to take back to the work place, as well as some personal benefits. Halfway through the programme‚Äč it definitely met my expectations.

The first study school we had was a very confronting and brilliant one for me. It made me look at myself and I had to understand why I was here and for my career. I had to make sense of the decisions I had made in the past and make peace with it.

The big thing for me so far was the concept of shared values in business and society and the way you have to position companies for the future and for sustainability.

It took me out of quite a narrow focus on my experience and business and made me look forward to a new future.
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