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Transdisciplinary Design for Transformation


​​​A more sustainable world will mean changing our assumptions about design, and what should be designed. This course will focus on the role of design in all its disiplinary manisfestations.





Target Audience

​​​​Postgra​duate students and proclitioners interested in how design works and what it will take to redesign the material world. The course will question whether the design is Master of , Slave to, or Collaborator with, the dominant socia-political-economic-technical system.

What does it cover

​When attending this short course at the Sustainability Institute, the entire space is part of the learning experience. Come and learn in an environment  that is engaging and mindfu, where discussions can be enjoyed with a diversity of people, creativity be renewed through immersion,where we learn with nature in mind and ensure just futures are sustained through generative thinking.





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South Africa