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Sustainable Enterprise



There is a new movement in how businesses are formed, that is focused on bringing about positive change in the communities they do business in. This movement is called Social Enterprise, also known as Sustainable Enterprise, where the business’s commercial activities are focused on tackling social problems, creating employment or helping the environment in a sustainable manner. The business exists to benefit the public and environment, rather than shareholders and owners.

This course will empower business owners or entrepreneurs with the knowledge needed to establish sustainable enterprises that make a difference.





Target Audience

Anyone who has an enterprise idea, regardless of what stage the idea is at, or who has ambitions to become a change-maker will enjoy and benefit from this course. The course will also be of interest to anyone wanting to learn more about the concept of social enterprise/entrepreneurship and the bigger trends in business and in the political economy that will have an impact on how we run our enterprises and organisations in the future.

What does it cover

  • investigate the concept of Social Entrepreneurship/Enterprise, and what this looks like both in the developed as well as in the developing world, with special emphasis ​​on Social Entrepreneurship in South Africa
  • explore how Social Entrepreneurship differs to traditional entrepreneurship, as well as how it relates to Social Innovation
  • look at various examples of Social Enterprises and the kinds of business models used, as well as their legal structures and the implications thereof
  • discuss innovative financing approaches and what would be appropriate for which stage of the enterprise
  • take a look at how one can measure and evaluate the impact Social Enterprises have





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