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Scenario Planning - Short Course Overview


​​The future of every organisation relies greatly on the ability of its senior management to make well informed decisions. USB-ED’s Scenario Planning programme, presented in association with the Institute for Futures Research (IFR), equips participants to build expertise in an essential area of their decision-making abilities, in order to deal with the complexities of the f​uture in their respective industries. 

Participants are equipped to step back and critically reflect on the decisions that will enable them to become more current in addressing business challenges. This knowledge may also be applied as a powerful instrument when interacting with clients.​



Target Audience

The programme is aimed at those in senior leadership positions who are responsible for planning and developing strategies in their organisations.

What does it cover

This challenging programme offers stimulating and critical thinking opportunities. Participants will be given the opportunity to develop and design a sample scenario.

Furthermore, participants will learn about:
  • The environment in which their organisations must operate, and determining the optimal methodology to be used 
  • The differences between scenario planning, forecasting and trend analysis, and the purposes of scenario planning
  • Understanding the role of scenario planning in the strategic management process
  • Developing and executing the scenario planning process
Presentation methods include case studies and group work. Participants will be required to complete an action learning assignment.




​​​Please note: In order to keep the structure and content of this programme relevant it is subject to changes.​


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