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Master Class in Leveraging Company Culture to Accelerate Performance


​​​​​​​​​The Master Class in Leveraging Company Culture to Accelerate Performance aims to equip senior managers and leaders to understand existing organisational cultures and mapping the change that should happen towards effectiveness. Participants learn how to assess current dominating cultures, build competitive environments and design culture development plans. It is presented by USB-ED in partnership with Global Natives.





Target Audience

The master class is aimed at senior managers, senior human resources managers, and strategic leadership teams of organisations.

What does it cover

After completion of the Master Class, participants will be equipped to:

  • make use of a diagnostic tool to assess the current culture dominating the organisation and understand its impact on organisational performance apply the competitive culture framework including concepts of innovation, people first, execution and delivery, and consistency and control
  • map the cultural shifts of a specific organisation
  • design a cultural development plan to guide the process of
  • changing the existing culture of the organisation




Please note: In order to keep the structure and content of this master class relevant it is subject to changes.


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