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Globalisation, Governance and Development


During this course we will explore the diversity of paradigms in heterodox economics, emerging thinking in the World Academy of Art and Science, post-GDP debates, different modes of long-wave thinking, global green transformation, and proposals for radical change.





Target Audience

Postgraduate students and professionals working in government, corporate or civil society sectors who wish to gain a deeper and broader understanding of the forces at work in the globalised economy and how these impact on society and sustainability.

What does it cover

This course will help participants understand the global debates about alternatives to the current crisis-ridden global economic order. 

Through in-depth discussions participants will:

  • understand the different approaches and the assumptions on which they are based;
  • understand the implications for social change of the different approaches, in particular the role that different actors will in the social change process; and
  • be able to critically engage with the different approaches in order to more adequately work out what they think would be appropriate given particular contexts and value systems.  





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South Africa