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Executive Development Programme (EDP)


​​​​Shifting global priorities invite significant organisational change and challenges, with an increased focus on the quality of executive teams. Most leaders will need to learn new skills, as they are required to transform their executive roles and develop new ways of thinking. Furthermore, there is increasing scrutiny placed on executive managers to balance the corporate scorecard over the long term, build organisational capacity and develop a new generation of skills and talent.​​



Target Audience

​The EDP has been designed for senior executives who want to:                                          

  • refresh their thinking​​​​
  • update their knowledge
  • develop their networks
  • increase their capacity to address complex,
  • ambiguous work environments​​​

What does it cover

​Our flagship Executive Development Programme (EDP) equips participants with strategic skills,enabling them to gain an understand of global markets, employ cognitive strategies to appraise systems and consider emergent futures, as well as apply critical thinking to support strategic leadership decisions. The programme includes career management and work/life integration.​




​Please note: In order to keep the structure and content of this programme relevant it is subject to changes. Read more


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