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Essentials of Management Coaching


​​​​​​​Coaching is an essential skill for managers, leaders and those in support professions who have to deal diplomatically and professionally with others concerning issues of a personal or sensitive nature. Buyers of coaching services also require qualified coaches with a strong theoretical foundation, who are committed to ethical coaching principles and who add value in the form of better performance, higher motivation and increased empowerment. USB-ED’s Essentials of Management Coaching Programme offers participants comprehensive and systemic knowledge of individual coaching, as well as coaching frameworks and models underlying professional coaching practice.



Target Audience

The programme is aimed at human resource professionals, external trainers, consultants, managers and leaders that are currently coac​hing or aspiring to coach.

What does it cover

​​The programme covers the following subject areas:​

Essentials of management coaching.png

The programme will be presented through blended learning to provide participants with critical knowledge and tools. Presentation methods include lectures, working in small groups, role-playing and reflective exercises. Participants will be required to complete a presentation, a reflective essay, and several individual assignments.​​





​​Please note: In order to keep the structure and content of this programme relevant it is subject to change.


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