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Development of Leadership and Team Skills


​​​​​​​ The Programme in the Development of Leadership and Team Skills develops the ability of participants to deal effectively with leadership and team issues in the workplace and adds value to the core business processes of an organisation. Through this programme, participants are exposed to a number of learning areas, such as knowledge of and insight into individual behaviour and the functioning of task-oriented workgroups and intergroup activities. They are also equipped with the necessary leadership and team skills to be effective in an environment where teamwork is important.





Target Audience

​You are a middle manager or supervisor who values teamwork as a means of achieving top-class workplace performance.

What does it cover

​The successful participant will be equipped to:

  • understanding the behaviour of the individual in group situationassessing own behaviour and feedback from team members
  • understanding the functioning of successful management teams
  • exploring the processes and functioning of highly successful teams
  • experiencing competitive intergroup situations, where win-lose situations are changed into win-win situations
  • assessing own conflict management style and learning how to manage conflict in organisations
  • managing change efficiently in organisations
  • diagnosing the readiness of the organisation for change
  • sharing experiences of managing change: what not to do




Please note: In order to keep the structure and content of the Programme for the Development of Leadership and Team Skills (POLS) relevant it is subject to change.


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