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  • context

    Programmes falling within this category will focus on contextual, foundational and environmental content.

    ​​The successful participant will be equipped to:

    • describe the basic concept of systems thinking and intrapreneurship/entrepreneurship and conduct a feasibility study of business opportunities, reflecting a systems approach to management
    • demonstrate an understanding of the key concepts of financial management
    • have a holistic perspective on the concept of the value chain and its impact, and understand the need for the concept within the organisation
    • define clear team development results to achieve optimum performance
    • select the appropriate leadership style to enable positive development of teams and individuals
    • understand the underlying dynamics of power and position, and to use this to reflect on personal responses to power in a team
    • understanding of the concept of leadership and leadership styles, and how own style impacts the team
    • integrate the programme material into a business plan developed for an existing organisation or a new business opportunity

    Programmes falling within this category will focus on human resources and people development content.


    Programmes falling within this category will focus on specific function or task specific content.

Please note: In order to keep the structure and content of this programme relevant it is subject to changes.