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Carbon Footprinting


​Imagine being able to look at the environmental disclosure of a company and gain significant insight regarding its strategy and pitfalls. This is indeed possible, and this course has been designed to assist companies with developing such a procedure.





Target Audience

​Individuals responsible for calculating the carbon footprint within an organisation are invited to enrol for this course. The course is also ideal for the senior manager than needs to interpret and act upon a calculated carbon footprint.

What does it cover

In the near future, companies will be required to calculate their carbon footprints and strive to reduce them. It is predicted that carbon (and water) footprinting will be implemented and actioned by all listed companies.

Taking the above into consideration, central focus areas will include:

  • How to correctly calculate a carbon footprint
  • How to analyse a carbon footprint and act upon the results
  • How to analyse other environmental footprints, such as the water footprint
  • How to be ready for the legislated domestic disclosures
  • How to prepare for the gazette domestic carbon tax

Some perspectives will be shared on the pitfalls of the carbon industry and how these can be avoided. Given that carbon footprinting is a new and evolving science, it requires an open and considered approach.





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