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 World Bank Group selects USB-ED faculty member as mediator

Prof Barney Jordaan, faculty member of USB-ED and head of the Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement at the USB, has been selected to serve as a mediator with the World Bank Group Office of Mediation Services (MEF). The contract appointment with the Bank constitutes international recognition of the work done by the USB’s Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement in the area of mediation and dispute resolution.

The role of mediators within the World Bank Group’s mediation offices is to assist the bank’s country offices in Africa with their dispute resolution needs. This includes mediation, facilitation and training. A small number of mediators are selected to assist the bank as external consultants on the basis of their extensive knowledge of workplace and labour law, civil rights law, dispute resolution theory, and practice and mediation. A contract appointment also provides a potential springboard to the mediation offices of a number of other international organisations, including the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the United Nations’s Ombudsman and Mediation Services office and the Africa Development Bank.

Prof Jordaan has been invited to attend a special one-week training session on the bank’s dispute resolution processes and practices in Washington, DC during October 2011. Trainers include members of the UN’s Ombudsman and Mediation Services office.

Prof Jordaan presents two programmes at USB-ED: the Programme in Commercial Negotiation and the Master Class in Designing a Deal.
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