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We see leaders across Africa and beyond serving others with wisdom and courage
Our Mission
We create the learning space​ to enable, through uniquely designed interventions and applied research, a​ network of globally responsible leaders to forge a sustainable f​uture

Our Values


We never compromise on quality.


We integrate our walk and our talk, interacting in the most professional way. We believe in working authentically with all our stakeholders.


We demonstrate respect for all our stakeholders - shareholders, employees, faculty, clients, society, government - maintaining a non-dogmatic and safe environment for free expression of views and ideas. We value intellectual freedom.


We are responsible in all our actions, ensuring educational content, learning processes and frameworks that are globally responsible and sustainable, and as such contribute to the economic and social well-being of Africa and the world.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We continually innovate, experiment and collaborate when we do business. ​​​

Vision and Mission