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 Use gap-year opportunity to become an entrepreneur

2013-01-09 11:20
Gerhard Cloete, Media Communication Consultant for USB-ED
For school-leavers, graduated students or students that want to terminate their studies to take a breather with a gap-year has become the “in thing.” This is supposed to provide clarity about a career to follow or what to achieve in life, but does it? 
According to DeWet Schoeman, director of the Centre for Applied Entrepreneurship at USB Executive Development (USB-ED), the public executive development and training company of the University of Stellenbosch Business School, this not always the case.
“The problem is that such a gap-year is not always structured with guidance to accompany it. Even after such a gap-year more often than not many still don’t know what they want to do.
“It is with this in mind that the centre has developed a Gap-year Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Management in order to make such a gap-year as productive as possible. It helps participants to discover who they are, what their goals are and how to reach these goals.
“The programme helps them to understand that if they don't take the initiative, doors won't open by themselves. The focus is to encourage entrepreneurial thinking and to help a person to find its feet, to get to know him or herself and in which direction to go in life,” said Schoeman.
The programme will be presented for the third time in 2013, starting on 4 February. The first six months of the programme will be presented in Stellenbosch. Participants are then encouraged to start their own entrepreneurial initiative by returning to their existing networks. They will still receive coaching and mentoring during this time. The closing date for applications is 21 January 2013. Only a limited number of participants will be admitted.
Running for the third year, the programme has already bear fruit:
  • Jéan Johnson from Beaufort West studied general management after school in Cape Town and started selling meat products in the township of Khayelitsha outside Cape Town. Shortly afterwards, he and his eldest brother were able to open a shop in Beaufort West. For a gap-year he decided on the Gap-year Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Management. He recently opened the Karoo Deli and will be responsible for a new central distribution point in Paarl next year.
  • Nina Bezuidenhout matriculated at La Rochelle in Paarl in 2011 and enrolled for the Gap-year Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Management as she was uncertain what to study after school. She’s now planning to study clothing and textile technology in 2013 and to go overseas to gain experience and then to come back to South Africa to open her own business.
  • Devan Swanepoel joined the Gap-year Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Management in 2011 and has since started working at Soft Light City, a sound studio in Woodstock, Cape Town. The company produces original music and audio for the advertising and communications industry. He started as general manager and now fills the role of studio manager, where he is mostly responsible for research and marketing.
For more information, click here or contact Charmaine Garcia at +27 (0)21 918 4488 or
Please forward more information on this programm for my son who graduates in Nov 2014 but is not sure what to do !!!!
Posted by petra quinlan on 24-06-2014 10:49 AM
Pls send more info - stellenbosch
Posted by tessa ford on 06-10-2014 12:38 PM
Nicky ek stel baie belang - stuur asb aansoekvorms.

Posted by Timna Beukes on 02-12-2014 4:25 PM
I would like to enquire if this is the year course for entrepreneurship, same as at UCT?
When does registration close and what are the fees?
Posted by Annalize Carelse on 10-12-2014 9:37 PM
Is this program only for young people or am I still eligible as I am turning 38 next year. I am looking to do a one year course in entrepreneurship to equip me to start my own business.
Posted by Roelf Karelse on 13-05-2015 8:36 PM
My son will be matriculating this year.   He is interested in this course but is also interested in Project Management.  Do you offer anything in that direction as well?
Posted by Michelle on 17-03-2016 2:10 PM
I will be matriculating this year, and am interested in this course.
Are there any tips for applying and is it still possible for me to apply.
Posted by Christopher Haug on 14-07-2016 7:04 PM
Please send more info plus program for the year with regards gap year.
Posted by Patricia haasbroek on 19-07-2016 9:10 PM
Please send more info plus program for the year with regards gap year.
Posted by Jessica van der Kolk on 29-08-2016 2:52 PM
Please send me more information on this programme as I also intend to go for a gap year in 2019, I'm in grade 9 currently.
Posted by Mihle Nxoyi on 25-09-2016 8:17 PM
My son is in grade 11 and not sure what and where to study.  I will appreciate more info on this gap year course.  He has always been interested in being an entrepreneur. 

Posted by Hanlie Schoeman on 27-09-2016 6:23 PM
Hello, I am a Matric student struggling with the big 'What are you going to do next year" question. I am really interested in this program as business and entrepreneurship is something i know i am interested in. I am just inquiring on the involvement of the students as part of the Stellenbosch University. Are students of this program allowed to be involved in the sports and clubs at the Stellenbosch University and are they involved in the orientation?
Posted by Rosalyn Trafford on 14-05-2017 7:44 PM
Please send me more info, as I cannot download your brochure.
What are your requirements to apply?
Posted by Lauren Jarvis on 22-05-2017 9:48 AM
Please send me more info
Posted by Odette on 16-11-2017 4:57 AM
Please send me more information on this programme as my son completed matric in 2017 and needs a  opportunity-to-become-an-entrepreneur.
Posted by alwyn burger on 31-01-2018 11:30 AM


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