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 USB-ED management certificates handed over to 130 Namibians

2015-12-07 00:00
by MediaVision on behalf of USB-ED
Frik and Sanette.jpg Frik Landman with the top student in her SMDP group, Sanette Schulze Struchtrup​.

There is leading others and then there is being a leader. To be a leader one must relinquish mediocracy forever, choose to lead and not become complacent. Leadership is a choice, one does not have to wait to reach the top. It is not a position.

This was said by Frik Landman, CEO of the USB Executive Development (USB-ED), at the company’s comprehensive programme certificate function, held on the 19th of November 2015 at the Avani Hotel in Windhoek. USB-ED is a public company of Stellenbosch University.

A total of 130 participants received certificates for the NMDP, MDP and SMDP programmes presented in Namibia by USB-ED. Directors’ awards were handed out to the best student in each group. Such an award went to Sanette Schulze Struchtrup, who apart from the SMDP programme also studied at main campus for her master’s degree and now works at the Bank of Namibia.

As guest speaker at the function Frik Landman said: “From a young age your script is written. Often people label you such as one with red hair, has temperament and eventually this influences your behaviour and people become what is expected of them.

“One day you realise that this might not be your script. You then have to make a decision if you want to continue as before or discover your own voice.  We tend to look in the easiest places rather than the right place.

“Africa is the richest and poorest continent in the world with 60% arable land and 42% of the natural resources. Leaders in Africa need a new script, saying ‘I have a choice to become a leader or not.”

To get there, one has sit down and take an oath of greatness and to relinquish mediocracy for ever. Discover your “inner voice”. Your job takes courage and ethics, service to others but not a servant. In the business world you start networking and instead of thinking what is in it for ME, rather think what can I put to use of others.

We need to build this continent’s leaders, develop an eye for talent and to look for opportunities for your people, your children, and your grandchildren,” Landman said.

Rosaline Hendricks, general manager and HIS Technical Advisor: IntraHealth Namibia, spoke on behalf of the USB Alumni Association. She completed the USB-ED Management development programme (MDP) in 2008 and also then received a Directors’ award for best student.

She shared that they have early morning breakfast sessions with Namibian guest speakers on a regular basis and recently also a Leaders Angle event with Prof Piet Naudé, director of University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB), and as the guest speaker. She encouraged the alumni to join the USB alumni network on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.  

Thys Pretorius, the master of ceremonies and director Consilium Consulting South Africa, in conclusion said that: “We can choose to accept conditions or take responsibility to change those conditions. Get people to think, greatest battles are won with our own minds. Just DO IT! Share knowledge and wisdom.”

Jim Linskey, USB-ED general manager: Rest of Africa, said: “We are proud of our strong relationship with Namibia, which continues to grow and hopefully lead to setting up our own office in Windhoek in the near future.”
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