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 USB-ED introduces world’s most scientific coaching methodology to corporates

2011-05-11 00:00
USB Executive Development (USB-ED) and the NeuroLeadership Group have established a partnership that will integrate neuroleadership and brain-based coaching into leadership development. The new alliance will make an even greater comprehensive leadership development offering available to organisations.

The NeuroLeadership Group (also still known as Results Workplace Coaching, or RWPC) is a global human performance consultancy, with operations in 39 cities in over 24 countries. Drawing from the latest findings in Neuroscience, the NeuroLeadership Group partners with organisations to help leaders enhance their effectiveness by understanding the brain. The organisations with which it works include NASA, Citibank and Google, as well as many government departments.

Coaching has become globally recognised as an essential facet of modern corporate leadership development and is an invaluable tool for growing talent within an organisation, whether as an academic input or as a supporting tool that forms part of another programme. The NeuroLeadership Group is the only organisation in South Africa that is eligible to train and facilitate the intellectual property of the NeuroLeadership Institute.

To find out more about USB-ED and the Leadership Group, please visit, and respectively.
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