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 Nigerian delegation visit Curro Century City

2017-05-23 00:00
by MediaVision on behalf of USB-ED

curro nigeria vist.pngUSB Executive Development (USB-ED) recently hosted a delegation of leading Nigerian educationalists, representing primary and secondary schools, with a visit to Curro Century City in Cape Town.

With Curro as South Africa’s leading independent schools group, Curro Century City is one of the group’s top schools in Cape Town operating as an inner city school.

As a first of its kind, the delegation of 11 Nigerian educationalists were in Cape Town attending a customised programme on Strategic Management and Leadership for School Leaders presented by USB-ED. USB-ED Sales General Manager for West Africa, Toye Abioye, was the project manager for this programme.  

The programme included modules in Financial Management, Leadership in the Education environment, Effective Communication skills, Institutional Management, Governance and Ethics.

Jim Linskey, USB-ED General Manager for Africa, said the visit to Curro provided the delegation with the opportunity to further sharpen their leadership and management skills in the area of running successful school operations and institutions in Nigeria.

For USB-ED the experience provided the opportunity to better position itself to have more delegates on subsequent programmes to be conducted in South Africa, as well as the possibility of designing similar interventions in Nigeria and West Africa.

The delegates originated from junior and high schools located in different parts of Nigeria. It is hoped that there would be further collaborations between Curro schools and the schools in Nigeria for mutual benefit and development of Africa’s next generation of leaders, Linskey said.

The aim of the visit was to observe the class setting and ambience during lectures, to interact and ask questions, to see how the school is set up in terms of school structure arrangements and to meet with their South African counterparts and share ideas. 

Explaining the Curro school model to the delegation, executive head of Curro Century City, Sean Friedenthal, said that provision is made for four breaks during the day, instead of the traditional two.

Classes are also 80 minutes long as 30 minutes are simply not long enough, while there are only 25 learners per class.

The cafeteria is the main meeting centre with teachers gathering there first thing in morning. This gives the parents the opportunity to also meet informally with teachers. Teachers can also interact with parents via a free app​ and can even send videos of class activities.

Preference is given to teachers who worked and travelled overseas and who have been exposed to different cultures.

Toye Abioye, Sales General Manager: West Africa for USB-ED, was the project manager for this programme.
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This will have a positive impact in terms of Leadership in the Education Sector.
Posted by Tolu Olufunsho on 31-05-2017 5:47 PM


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