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 New programme for senior project managers introduced

2017-08-02 00:00
by MediaVision on behalf of USB-ED
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The urgent need for competent and qualified project managers is almost daily evident with reports of service delivery protests. One of the biggest problems is that project managers are appointed to manage developmental projects without the necessary skills, resulting in services not being delivered or projects successfully completed.
It is against this background that USB Executive Development (USB-ED), the private executive development company of Stellenbosch University, has as a recognised education and training provider to Project Management South Africa (PMSA)​ for the first time introduced a Senior Project Manager (Sr. PM) Programme.

Participants who have not completed the 5-day Programme in Project Management will attend three modular weeks in Cape Town from 2 to 6 October, 30 October - 3 November and 20 to 24 November.  Participants who have completed the 5-day Programme in Project Management only need to attend the first block (2 - 6 October) and the last block (20 - 24 November).

MC Botha, Academic Head of the Centre for Business Management of Projects at USB-ED, says participants will, after completing the programme, be able to apply to PMSA​ to be considered as designated Senior Project Managers.

“It is USB-ED’s aim with the programme to make a real difference in project management and to increase the potential for the successful completion of a project. “Research has shown that business conceptual skills of project managers have become the most important skill set over the last decade. In contrast, the importance of technical skills has shrunk considerably while quantitative, problem solving and behaviour skills have remained key.”  The project manager of today should not only understand what the project is all about, but also what the wider business context prior, during and resultant of the project is.

Project management is an applied management science that builds on, applies and integrates basic management knowledge. The aim with the programme is to prepare and increase the availability of competent project managers, and to build a pool of executive managers that are able to run the project management function in their organisations.

In addition, the programme develops upper management skills to integrate projects with the business management of organisations.

The programme covers subjects like project management principles and practices, project leadership, ethics and professional practice, sustainability and value management, procurement, project governance and scheduling.

For more information download the programme info pack here. ​
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