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 Leadership and Management training for the food and beverage industry

2012-07-11 00:00

The Foodbev Seta Leadership and Management Programme (LMDP) has been designed specifically for middle managers in the food and beverage industry as a result of a need identified through research done by the Foodbev Seta. USB Executive Development (USB-ED) was appointed through a tendering process as the preferred training provider for the custom-designed programme.
The content and structure of the programme was co-designed by representatives from the industry, USB-ED and the Seta. This collaboration was a first for the industry. The actual programme was presented for the first time during 2008 and was such a success that the programme had to be presented back to back in 2009. The Foodbev Seta was commended by various companies from industry for taking the initiative in addressing the needs of the industry. 
A few hurdles had to be overcome during the training and the biggest was how to enable the participants to apply their learning by means of what is termed a business-driven action learning syndicate group project. Participants from potential competitor companies, working together, overcame the challenge by taking the initiative in working on projects that could benefit the industry and therefore would not pose any problems from a competitiveness viewpoint. A few very creative and strategic projects were born through  focusing strongly on environmental sustainability and scarce resources, as well as supply chain challenges, and even went so far as to suggest how the food and beverage industry can help with the housing challenge in South Africa.
“The programme to date has been a huge success and much credit must go to the Foodbev Seta in driving this initiative,” says Frik Landman (CEO USB-ED) However, owing to changes within the Foodbev Seta structures, the programme could not be presented as usual and had to be cancelled for 2012. But, after much negotiation and changes in logistics, as well as requests from the industry, it was decided that the programme will be presented as part of USB Executive Development’s open enrolment programmes and companies that belong to the Foodbev Seta can still apply for grants. For further information please contact Samantha Abrahams at email
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