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 Launch of USB-ED Botswana: Another bridging block in building leadership education across Africa

2018-03-27 00:00

Botswana launch.JPG

In this picture from left to right:

Maresce Geduld-Jeftha(CFO at USB-ED), Prof Michael Osbaldeston, Bianca Solomon (Human Capital Manager at USB-ED), Jim Linskey (General Manager for Africa at USB-ED) and Frik Landman (CEO of USB-ED)​

In line with its vision of catalysing and unlocking leadership potential on the African continent, University of Stellenbosch Executive Development (Pty) Limited (USB-ED) has announced the official launch of USB-ED Botswana (Pty) Limited.

The establishment of the Botswana entity with our in-country partner EOH Consulting as a minority shareholder will offer executive programmes accredited by the University of Stellenbosch in compliance with the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) and the Human Resource Development Councill (HRDC).

Speaking at the official opening, Professor Michael Osbaldeston, Chairman of USB-ED's Board, said that after more than a decade of providing executive education in the country, the establishment of a physical presence in Botswana is a commitment to "a closer partnership that will develop management and leadership skills in the country and promote talents benefitting the people of Botswana - and assist in accelerating leadership development across the continent".

USB-ED has a long standing strategic alliance with EOH Consulting in Botswana. "Formalising our partnership was a logical choice," notes Jim Linskey, General Manager: Africa, USB-Executive Development (Pty) Ltd. "EOH Consulting has a credible track record in Botswana with on the ground experience and an in depth knowledge and understanding of the local culture.  Our approach to business and leadership training are similar and we have a shared vision to deliver leadership and management programmes to a much greater audience."

CEO of EOH Consulting, Kenneth Molosi said, "The partnership is an opportunity to engage with USB-ED in more strategic projects around developing management and leadership skills in Botswana and a platform to foster closer relationships with corporate companies in developing tailor-made training solutions."

"For Africa to develop its full leadership potential, educational institutions will need to play an increasingly active role in providing knowledge, skills, technology and organisational abilities that will develop and shape the next generation of leadership in Africa;" adds Prof Osbaldeston, "Our permanent presence in Botswana demonstrates a firm commitment to employment and skills transfer whilst working hand in hand with our partners to offer the full complement of Leadership and Management development courses and curriculum to the learners and future leaders living beyond the borders of South Africa."

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