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 Gap-year students produce marketing video

2011-09-07 00:00

Two of USB-ED’s first group of Gap-Year entrepreneurs, are the creative forces behind the newly launched video campaign that is aimed at reaching a younger market for the Gap-year Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Management. With the message: “Create your own opportunities”, Devan Swanepoel and Charl Laubscher produced, directed and starred in the video. We chatted to them to find out more.

Why did you decide to make it?
Devan (lead actor in the video):
“We were the first group to participate in USB-ED’s Gap-Year. We noticed that the advertisement for the course did not speak directly to the target market so we thought of making viral ads than would grab the attention of the right people in need of a good educational experience!”

Charl (producer and director):
“Being an entrepreneurial course, we jumped at the opportunity to get some experience and haven’t looked back since.”

What went into the making of the video?
“Shooting an ad generally involves a lot of planning and organising to the finest detail. I think all of us learned a great deal while we were busy with this project.”

“We spent about a month getting together every evening to plan the script and work out a budget for what it would cost. This included a lot of arguing, rewriting and more rewriting.  The advert was shot over one day at the campus. We had a close call when Terence, our cinematographer, started falling down a flight of stairs with R100 000 worth of equipment on his shoulder in the first scene’s shoot. Luckily some brave souls were there to stop him in the nick of time.”

How did you take over the campus for the making?
“We Informed the USB staff before we started the shoot. Everyone was pretty helpful and supportive! People generally do not ask questions when you have a camera in your hand, the majority are camera shy.”

“USB-ED was very accepting and let us shoot wherever we needed to for as long as we needed to. So, it was really a breeze.”

Who helped you?

“We had a lot of help and support from friends and family as well as USB-ED (thank you).”

“Everyone on the crew pulled their weight tremendously. I was very impressed at how smoothly the whole production went. From USB-ED’s side I must say a big thank you to De Wet Schoeman for all the assistance he offered us. We are very grateful to everyone that helped in any way, from the marketing department at USB-ED to the extras that rocked up on the day. There were a total of five guys involved in the production: Vinko Tomasic (Editor), Terence Loydall (Cinematographer), Eugene Havenga (Sound), Charl Laubscher (Producer, Director), Devan Swanepoel (Lead Actor).”

What has the Gap-Year Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Management meant for you?
“I am very happy that I found and attended this programme. I have learned so much about myself and of what I can achieve. USB-ED has taught me that the world is an ‘opportunity-train’ and one should just get on board! I highly recommend it for any student/individual who doesn’t know where they are going with their life and who wants to be more business educated.”

“It has helped me to take what I have always wanted to do with my life and focus that into an actual plan. This advert was a great platform to get going. It has been extremely helpful to me.”

Where to next?
“I think this was a good learning curve for me and for the team. All of us learned a lot by taking on this project. The lessons we have learned during this process we can apply to new businesses or projects in our future business careers – maybe we could even start a production company?”

“My plan is to start my own production company that focuses on making affordable and creative videos and adverts for both organisations and individuals who want to use the internet and viral marketing methods to promote their business. If anyone needs anything filmed and made into something super epic, then you know who to call!”

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