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 Effective leadership creates new futures

2017-06-30 00:00
by MediaVision on behalf of USB-ED

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Highly effective leaders differentiate themselves by winning and getting the hearts and minds of people to perform actions and activities needed to create new futures. It is even more so today, that effective leadership can be enhanced by a very specific set of human resource management skills.

It was against this background that the Programme for the Development of Leadership and Team Skills was developed, tested and continually adapted to ensure that the outcomes of the programme would contribute, at an individual AND personal level, to increased levels of highly effective leadership.

According to the developers of the programme, Elna Mouton and Bernard Slabbert this a key issue in all organizational endeavours.

The programme will be presented in Durban from 5 to 8 September 2017 and in Johannesburg 22 to 25 August 2017. For more information go to or email

The diversity of the participants is a main asset of the programme, where people of different cultural and business backgrounds are encouraged to engage and interact in simulated competitive and stressful situations, eliciting conflict.​

This provides excellent learning situations. Participants are also challenged to deal with difficult communication situations regarding conflict, problem solving, competing and a range of dysfunctional behaviours, to mention but a few.

People from different religion groups have different views. The aim of the programme is to enable participants to communicate on all levels. The key outcome is self-awareness, since once you know and understand yourself, it is easier to cope when you face difficulties in the workplace.

Under the guidance of a facilitator, you will experience competitive intergroup situations and where win-lose situations are changed into win-win situations. The programme deals with dysfunctional behaviour and emphasises effective leadership and team management behaviours in order to deal with it in the workplace.

We still find situations of "reward punishment" in the workplace. To move away from this and get ahead in life and the workplace, we need leadership and team skills. The programme aims to enhance skills to enable participants from all levels of society, different cultures and education levels to communicate effectively with one another.

We believe that leadership, combined with the ability to trust and work together as a team can be a key differentiator to make South Africa a winner on the African continent.

Elna Mouton (pictured above), who manages her own consulting firm, has a MBA degree and focuses on leadership, team dynamics and change management. She was nominated in 2001 as the Alumni - MBA Student of the Year as a result of her contribution and special focus on Transformation Leadership.

According to her credibility is the essence of leadership. "You build it hour by hour…day by day…month by month…year by year, but you can lose it within hours. It is hard work to get it back, if ever."

The programme has a long and tested history with the Faculty of Medicine (US) that has embarked on a new curriculum in the late seventies. Major changes in the content, teaching methodologies and patient and student management practices were required.

The then Dean Prof AJ Brink, after returning from a leadership programme, decided that all senior faculty members had to attend a similar leadership course. A position statement of the Dean, supported by own experience based literature and real life case studies was the spark that led to the decision to develop a unique leadership programme.​

In 1987 the programme was transferred to the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) with the approval and blessings of the then Director, Prof A Archer. Under the wings of USB, the target population of the programme was greatly increased and the course experienced increased and sustained growth.

The Faculty of Medicine has over the years remained a staunch supporter of the programme. The hallmark of the programme has become the diversity of the participants in terms of culture and professional experience, resulting in the cross fertilisation of ideas and experiences enhancing the resultant learning outcomes. This is savoured and in particular treasured by the participants. 

Although the programme has been run in educational institutions, a wide range of business enterprises, religious organisations, professional groups, young adult leadership groups has previously benefited from it.

It is suitable for any group, institution or organisation pursuing a particular vision and is suitable for people in the medical, financial, IT, engineering and religion sectors. Those who work with teams and individuals can attend an open programme, or a company can have the programme presented in house in South Africa or other countries.

Companies which attended the programme are Sanlam, The Reserve Bank, RCS, Medi-Clinic, Bytes, Power construction, Faculties of Medicine (Cape Town and Stellenbosch) and church groups.

I would be very interested to attend either of the two dates as an individual participant.

Please let me know if that is possible and costs?

Thank you and best regards

Tandice Gorton 
Posted by Tandice gorton on 05-07-2017 5:25 PM
Posted by USB-ED on 06-07-2017 3:26 PM


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