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 EDP pools a ‘wealth of experience’ for executives

2012-04-02 00:00

Every year, the number of participants enrolling for USB-ED’s Executive Development Programme (EDP) increases. Typically the intake comprises busy executives with strategic management responsibilities. Most of them are already highly successful people and a growing number of them are women. So what draws them to the classroom?
According to Willemien Law, who heads up Open Enrolment Programmes at USB-ED, busy executives seldom have time to sit down and reflect thoroughly on themselves, others, their work or the world they live in. A programme such as the EDP allows them to do just that.
Another benefit to be gained from the concentrated learning environment of the EDP is a superlative opportunity to network. Dr Sarah Riordan, learning process facilitator (LFP) on the programme, says the networking aspect often provides the greatest benefit to participants: “Not only are they surrounded by many other senior executives from both the private and public sectors, but the programme topics and discussions lead to potential future engagements and the building of valuable long-term contacts. I have seen people concluding business deals before the end of the programme.”
The EDP is the top tier of a continuous development plan at USB-ED and is aimed at bringing together high-calibre executive managers to engage in three important areas that are integrated in this programme: strategic leadership, the formulation of strategy, and the implementation of strategy. The programme equips participants with integrated strategic management skills that enable them to position their organisations to compete more successfully in a vast and competitive global environment.
Alumni of the Executive Development and Senior Management Development Programme also have the opportunity to partake in an optional study module abroad.
Law explains: “The EDP is different from a purely academic programme. Key issues, such as strategy and commercial negotiation, are addressed in a very practical way. The programme is intense and practice-based, enabling participants to apply what they have learnt as soon as they get back to the work place.”
Libertha Kapere and Fahiema Dyers both attended the 2011 EDP programme. They agree that the best part of the programme for them was sharing best practices with peers. Quinton Mageza, participant in the same group, added: “The academic rigour and industry knowledge [demonstrated] by all facilitators is world-class. More exciting for me was an opportunity to network with current and emerging corporate and government leaders in southern Africa!” And Louise de Jongh said she found the wealth of experience in the room “incredibly enriching”.
For more information on the EDP intake, click here.
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