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Corporate Training Process

​​In the 21st century, content is freely available on the Internet for all to access and download. Th​​​e differentiator is no longer content, but process and how this embeds learning. In choosing USB Executive Development, organisations and individuals will discover a learning partner that is not only conscious of the need for experiential learning, but also strives to customise programmes to meet both the strategic needs of the organisation and the development needs of the individual.

Our learning philosophy and context

When designing a learning and development intervention, the key component is to use a methodology that brings about real change and a higher order of thinking. USB-ED has therefore designed a learning process that not only customises the learning for African management challenges but also actively reinforces the application of learning back in the workplace.

Action learning forms the foundation of the design process as it allows participants to work on real problems and learn by doing. USB-ED offers organisations two relevant learning options:

​​​ ​