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Conferences, consulting and commissioned research


In addition to presenting management and leadership programmes we also have a conferencing division which will be involved in certain targeted conferences, which include:

  • The Annual African Responsible Leadership Summit
    At a global level the need for responsible leadership is about the ability to deal effectively with the big issues of our time such as the recession, climate change, resource depletion, social upheaval and political tension. From a continental perspective, African leaders are faced with the challenging tension between environmental and resource protection on the one hand and human and social development on the other. In this context responsible leadership does not only refer to the behaviour of leaders, in other words whether they act responsibly or not, but also to their ability to respond appropriately to the societal challenges of our time. This summit will present case studies from African Leaders to address the issues of responsible leadership in Africa. Attendance of the summit is per invitation only.
  • The Annual ASTD Conference in South Africa
    The ASTD conference is presented annually and USB-ED has now come on board as the official associate of the conference. The focus of the conference has also changed thereby ensuring that the training and development is now focused on the Africa continent needs. The 10th Annual International Conference will be held at Champagne Sports Resort in the Drakensberg from Monday 17 to Wednesday 19 March, 2014.  The theme "From Collaboration to Innovation" will inspire and energise delegates - especially in this volatile economy where we need to create trusting, collaborative environments and transform groups into motivated and empowered teams. Tough times demand tough people skills and we will need to collaborate and innovate more effectively to ensure survival and future growth. Read more.
  • In addition to the above mentioned USB-ED will also focus on other strategic needs that can be addressed through conference conversations.


For more information about conferences please contact:
Hennie Oosthuizen
Tel:+27 (0)11 460 6908


As part of any training and development intervention there sometimes is a need for a consultative intervention that goes beyond the classroom. This is where we can assist to ensure that the training and development intervention is not a standalone initiative but does integrate with the strategic needs of the organisation.

For more information about consulting contact:
Belinda Knight
Tel: +27(0)11 460 6980

Commissioned research:

Providing solutions to today's business challenges
Commissioned research at USB-ED is exciting, dynamic and extends the boundaries of knowledge and its applications. Our focus is on applied research that produces substantial benefits for both business and the wider community. Through an appreciation of our client's unique business challenges, solutions are often derived from a combination of industry best practice and rigorous commissioned research – a process that requires expert knowledge that our team is able to provide. Our research takes place under the guidance of faculty within or associated with our Centres of Excellence. Working in collaboration with other universities, industry, government, professional associations as well as community groups is also welcomed.

For more information about commissioned research contact:
Dr Diane Bell
Tel: +27(0)21 918 4374