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 Colloquium showcasing best practice in disability

Venue: University of Stellenbosch Business School, Room 201, Main Building
Date: 11 March 2015   |   9h00 - 15h00

9h00 – 9h10: Welcome Ms Rhoda Kadalie & Dr Diane Bell
9h10– 9h30 PLENARY
Socio-Economic Challenges facing People with Disabilities – Prof Jennifer Jelsma (UCT)
  Disability and Employment
9h30 Oasis Ms. Gail Bester
9h40 Sparrow Schools Ms Annelay Tyler
9h50 Orange Bag Recycling Ms Rhoda Kadalie
10h00 Association for Persons with Physical Disabilities Mr Brian Bezuidenhout
10h10 – 10h25 Discussant Prof Lana van Niekerk (US)
10h25 – 10h35 Discussion
10h35 -10h55 Tea Break
  Disability and Health / Mental Health
10h55 Carel Du Toit Ms Valerie vd Merwe
11h05 Friends of Red Cross Hospital Mr David Stevens
11h15 National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities Ms Therina Wentzel
11h25 Cape Mental Health (SAVE) Ms Sandra Ellis
11h25 - 11h50 Discussant Prof Leslie Swartz (US)
11h50 – 12h00 Discussion
12h00 – 12h10 Shonaquip Ms Lorraine Frost
12h10 – 12h25 Discussant Mr Michael Watermeyer (UCT)
12h25 – 12h35 Discussion
  Closing: Rhoda Kadalie
10h35 -10h55 Lunch
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