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 Career: An ongoing journey of learning

2016-08-19 00:00
by MediaVision on behalf of USB-ED

His career story is an ongoing journey. It is a journey of self-actualisation, spiritual, economic and for justice to help vulnerable people, the latter being what the Public Protector of South Africa is all about.

His major motivation is to stop corruption and to break and stop injustice.

This is according to Adv. Kevin Malunga, Deputy Public Protector, speaking in Stellenbosch to a group of 46 participants currently attending the Executive Development Programme (EDP) presented by USB Executive Development (USB-ED).​

Adv. Malunga has been Deputy Public Protector of South Africa since December 2012. He holds a BA Law from the University of Swaziland. He also acquired an LLB degree from the University of Natal and an LLM in International Law from Georgetown University Law Centre in Washington DC.

He is currently a candidate for Doctor of Juridical Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School in the US. His dissertation focuses on economic justice in South Africa, in particular the right to housing, assessing the ability of courts to effect social change. His passion for human rights, fairness, equity and justice is well known by most who have interacted with him.

Adv. Malunga said that his journey is still a “work in progress” and that he is still learning from what he does every day. There are however, a number of important things he has ascertained on his journey thus far.

  • The first is that integrity always wins no matter what comes in your way or is thrown at you.
  • Progress is a process of trial and error. It is a situation of some you win and some you lose, but you keep on walking.
  • Teamwork is important and comes from the ability to motivate and galvanise people into a team.
  • Learn from mistakes and the mistakes of others.
  • Embrace diversity. Differences can be a source of strength (and weakness) whether it is racial, cultural or religion. South Africa is still struggling with this, but should realise that we can learn a lot from each other.
  • Overcome adversity. Going through everyday pressures and struggles helps one too eventually overcame it.
  • Value each and every human being.
  • Citizen awareness. Keep in mind that it is tax payer’s money that is involved when over charging the government in a procurement process.

Read a lot to keep yourself informed.

Spirituality, although a personal choice, it remains important

Dr Sarah Riordan, learning process facilitator on the EDP programme, says the programme is USB-ED’s flagship programme and equips participants with integrated strategic management and leadership skills.

This enables them to align their business practices to compete more successfully in a highly competitive global environment. It includes personal career coaching, as well as an optional international study module in the following year.  
“A networking opportunity often provides the greatest benefit to participants. Not only are they surrounded by many other senior executives from both the private and public sectors, but the programme topics and discussions lead to potential future engagements and the building of valuable long-term contacts,” Dr Riordan said.

For enquiries about the Executive Development Programme, please contact or go to the USB-ED website
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Adv. Kevin Malunga is young but has done very well so far. I think he is still learning, and will benefit a lot if he should learn from his superiors. All the things he has observed in his journey so far are very important point, and should he still adhere to them, he is bound to go places.

USB-ED programme has done well inviting such a man as a resource person for this very important session, and to ask that people of such caliber should always be invited.
Posted by Sam Bediako-Asante on 25-08-2016 5:29 PM


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