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 Build on your strengths and manage your weaknesses

2018-02-20 00:00
Anne Engelbrecht

In this Photo: Aurelia de Villiers and Anelda Lochner (Learning Process Facilitators on the programme), Dr Tienie Ehlers (Chief Learning Officer at USB –ED), Kerry Smallie (Brand Manager at USB-ED) and Dr Michael Mol.

Dr Michael Mol, was the guest speaker at the opening of the Young Minds Entrepreneurship Programme​, offered by the Centre for Applied Entrepreneurship at USB Executive Development (USB-ED), a private company offering leadership and management development (short course) programmes across Africa for both corporates and individuals. His key message to the participants was to "Build on your strengths and manage your weaknesses".  

The programme is presented annually with 132 participants taking part this year. The programme was started in 2011 with 27 participants and has grown over the years with more than 500 participant having completed the programme.

As guest speaker at the event, Mol said that you are born with talents. "Figure them out, and then do what you are passionate about. Be true to yourself. Find out what you were born to do, not what others expect of you".

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