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 Brush up entrepreneurial skills with USB-ED Gap-year programme

2015-01-12 08:00
Issued by MediaVision on behalf of USB-ED
The well-known USB Executive Development (USB-ED) gap-year programme for entrepreneurship is set to show strong growth this year with about 150 participants, the highest number since the programme was initiated in four years ago.

The Gap-year Programme in Entrepreneurship and Management is annually presented by the USB-ED Centre for Applied Entrepreneurship, one of the USB-ED Centres of Excellence. USB-ED is the public executive development and training company of the University of Stellenbosch Business School.

The programme, aimed mainly at school-leavers and young people still uncertain as to what they want to do and achieve in life, will this year be presented from 17 February at Die Neelsie in the heart of the Stellenbosch University campus.

According to the gap-year programme leader at USB-ED, DeWet Schoeman, the idea is to encourage and elucidate entrepreneurial thinking in young people. It will teach them how to create and identify their own opportunities for a possible future career. 

“We want to make a gap-year as productive as possible and are not solely aimed at school-leavers, but also at students who have terminated their studies or young graduates who want to create their own employment opportunities.

“The idea is not that participants should establish a business directly upon conclusion of the programme. The focus is rather to encourage entrepreneurial thinking and to help a person to find its feet in an adult world, to get to know him or herself and in which direction to go in life,” said Schoeman.
The programme helps a young person to find out what competences or skills they might have, help to develop emotional intelligence, to mature from dependence to independence and to interdependence, develop mature interpersonal relationships, establish an own identity, define purpose in life and to develop integrity.

“A gap-year does not have to be a year of survival, but rather one that is structured and filled with discovery and excitement,” Schoeman said.

The programme is about creating excitement about the unlimited opportunities the modern environment has to offer. Learn to know and appreciate oneself and to have self-confidence. It is also about a discovery of one's personal talents, dreams and passions.

A further objective of the programme is for participants to develop an internal locus of control (take responsibility for making own decisions and live with it.) To develop an entrepreneurial mind-set, identify opportunities, match opportunities with own profile (talents, dreams, etc.) and use own initiative to capitalise on opportunities.

Basic management skills are just as important in order to manage any project or venture effectively and successfully, to manage your own time and activities (habits) to lead you to success and to explore the real world of work and business (in an entrepreneurial way.)

For more information, contact Nicky Stoffberg on (021) 918 4343 or or go to the Gap-year webpage.
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