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USB-ED Centre for Applied Entrepreneurship

Who We Are​​​​​

The Centre for Applied Entrepreneurs​​hip env​​isions an entrepreneurial society where people accept the responsibility of creating opportunities and jobs for themselves.  It is therefore the mission of the Centre to equip individuals and communities with entrepreneurial and business management attitudes that will empower them to create wealth for themselves and others. We do this via research, training and development. Social investment forms an important part of our activities.​


What We Do

Our service offering includes: ​​​​​​​​​​

Applied research in the area of entrepreneurship development.
Our consulting services support organisations with the development of sustainability strategies.
Training and development to equip participants in the areas of applied entrepreneurship:
  • Youth development: Young Minds Entrepreneurship Programme for school leavers and other young people.
  • Community-focused entrepreneurship: Training, development and support of entrepreneurs in rural areas and under-resourced communities. This is known as the Community Entrepreneur Development Initiative.
  • Local Economic Development (LED): Training programme for government (LED) officials responsible for creating local and regional economic growth through entrepreneurship and SMMEs.

How can companies benefit from supporting the Centre's initiatives?

The motivation for supporting the initiatives of the Centre for Applied Entrepreneurship should be the long-term benefits that economic growth holds for all of us. In addition, USB-ED qualifies as a level-3 BBBEE beneficiary, which means that companies which support our initiatives can benefit by scoring points on their BBBEE scorecards under the Enterprise Development component of the scorecard.

Many of our training and development initiatives depend strongly on sponsorships. Individuals or companies who want to support our activities are thus welcome to contact us.

Contact Us

Academic and business queries
Director: Centre for Applied Entrepreneurship
De Wet Schoeman
Tel:+27 (0)21 918 4216


Programme queries
Tel:+27 (0)21 918 4478