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 Adv. Madonsela’s foundation receives programme sponsorship from USB-ED

2017-03-24 00:00
by MediaVision on behalf of USB-ED

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In this photo from left to right: Dr Tienie Ehlers, Advocate Thuli Madonsela and Catherine Peter, MD of the Thuli Madonsela Foundation. 

USB Executive Development (USB-ED) recently presented a programme sponsorship to the Thuma Foundation, currently being established by the former Public Protector of South Africa, Advocate Thuli Madonsela.

The establishment of the foundation was announced in Cape Town in January this year by adv. Madonsela as a non-partisan, operational private foundation, to operate as the Thuma Foundation.

The foundation seeks to develop leadership for democracy, development and peace, focusing on a leadership approach that is ethical, purposeful, impactful and committed to service.

The sponsorship, in the form of a USB-ED leadership programme that can be attended by someone from the Thuma Foundation, was handed over by Dr Tienie Ehlers, USB-ED Chief Learning Officer, at a breakfast meeting presented by the local Stellenbosch newspaper Eikestadnuus and Business Partners at the Neethlingshof Wine Estate outside Stellenbosch on Wednesday, 15 March 2017.

USB-ED, a private company of the University of Stellenbosch, presents leadership and management development programmes for the private and public sectors, as well as for individuals intent on carving their own future in business.

As guest speaker at the event, adv. Madonsela said academic institutions have always played an important role in advancing social justice. Academic institutions, such as Stellenbosch University where she will take up a chair next year, have the opportunity to lead the advancement of social justice through researching, for instance poverty and inequality.

"Academic institutions have a unique opportunity to research for example what form inequality takes and what factors exacerbate it."

The implementation of the Equality Act could be aided by academic institutions who can apply their research and in doing so advance social justice. Government's failure to plan how to eradicate the persistence of inequality, has however lead to sporadic social movements where people who feel disempowered stand up and try to do things on their own.

"An example of this is the Fees Must Fall movement, which a number of Maties were also involved in. Protests often become violent, because that is the language of the disempowered. The more extreme the disempowerment, the more likely we are to get violence."​

Adv. Madonsela said the best way forward would be for academic institutions and social interventions to work with people in order to find routes through which their grievances can be addressed and protest can happen in a more peaceful manner.

Dr Ehlers said: "We are truly proud and honoured to present this sponsorship to the Thuma Foundation as it is strategically well aligned with our vision of developing leadership in Africa.

"Advocate Madonsela's Foundation is focused on developing leadership among our youth and hence why we have offered her foundation a sponsorship for someone of her choice to attend one of our flagship leadership courses.

"In this way we support the Thuma Foundation through allowing someone to develop their leadership skills and contribute to a democratic and peaceful South Africa. We have full confidence in the Thuma Foundation as it is led by a true South African leader that epitomizes what leadership is all about.

"Advocate Thuli Madonsela is a living of example of what true leadership is – leading from the front through her hands, head and heart," Dr Ehlers said.

Dear Adv Madonsela I would like to know if the foundation would help fund our daughters studies at Stenden sa.She is studying towards a BCom in Hospitality Management.Please help!
Posted by Anver on 14-05-2017 5:13 PM
Posted by on 20-02-2018 3:52 PM
I would like to volunteer my time and service in the Foundation. I have completed studies in Social Justice last year, a programme that expanded my knowledge and understanding of human rights. Have worked inDiversity and Disability sectors, rural and urban context, and willing to volunteer.
Posted by Khanya Rajuili on 21-02-2018 1:57 PM
If Not

     If not to touch and be touched
              To hold and be held

    If not to feel love and feel loved
         Why would I be here now?

        And how would I know I am
              of the Human Kind?

         Only when the words and       
            language we use carry 
                the authenticity of 
                the sound of love 
            with them are we truly

                    A True Friend

          I say the truth is always 
                     plain to see
          Not just from some angle 
            or to a certain degree

          It’s here and everywhere 
           constantly in plain sight
           Simply because it’s got 
                 nothing to hide

           Yet Truth is not pushy or 
                  pompous or loud
            It feels no need to mingle
                with a rowdy crowd

       Truth is patient, considerate  
          and wise and waits until 
             it is called upon and 
                 asked for advice

       It is why I am not shy to say
      I choose Truth as a friend for
      I know Truth will stand by me
               until the very end

            Authority of the Heart 

           Where does love reside?
       Where does compassion look
               for accommodation?
      Where does courage belong?
    Where does integrity convene?

        Where does justice lay down 
                 her head to rest?
       Without a room for humility 
    how could there be hospitality?

    How the bleep did we become
     so deaf, so blind to the love &     
       wisdom of our own hearts?

  How much longer will we award
     authority to speakers of lies 
          and false promises?

         Only our raging hearts 
       The courage of One Love
            Will turn the tides
Posted by Thijs van Hillegondsberg on 27-02-2018 10:22 AM
Can i be offered an opportunity to work in the foundation, my backgroudf is in PRM ( Public Relations Management), eespecially because you are still in the inception phase. It would equip me with skills development and knowledge together.
Posted by Nerrisa on 22-05-2018 9:53 PM


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