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 USB-ED management certificates handed over to 123 Namibians

2016-11-29 08:00
Anne Engelbrecht


From left to right: Kevin Henderson (Master of Ceremonies), Dr Eric Albertini (Director: Corporate Learning, USB-ED), Desery van Wyk (USB Alumni committee chairperson in Namibia), Arina Basson (Programme Manager, USB-ED), Jim Linskey (General Manager for Africa, USB-ED)

Dr Eric Albertini, Director of Corporate Learning of the USB Executive Development (USB-ED), was the guest speaker at the company’s comprehensive programme certificate function, held on the 24th of November 2016 in Windhoek. USB-ED is a public company of Stellenbosch University. Dr 
Eric Albertini said the world of work is going through major change. Key disruptive forces changing the world of include technology, big data, longevity and a new media ecology. 

This will require leaders of the future to acquire a new set of skills, knowledge and behaviours that include: 
  • ​Thinking & Learning Agility 
  • Design Thinking 
  • Curiosity 
  • Strategic Intuition 
  • Dealing with Paradox 
  • Mindfulness 
  • Sense Making and Clarity 
Leaders of the future will have to embark on journeys of “lifelong learning” and will constantly have to “re-tool” and “re-invent” themselves to stay current, relevant and effective in the new world of work. 

In the current economic climate, leaders of training and learning organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to meet performance expectations. To do this requires them to understand how to create (design), and deliver content in an innovative and relevant way that positively influences the learners’ behaviour and meets the organisational clients’ needs.

A total of 123 participants received their certificates for the New Managers' Development Programme, Management Development Programme and Senior Management Development P​​rogramme​ presented in Namibia by USB-ED. Directors’ awards were handed out to the best student in each group. Such an award went to Pombili Ndeunyema from the SMDP programme who said that “Learning (really) happens after this programme. I also wanted to have fun with my team members working on the Business Driven Action Learning project (BDAL)”. He thanked USB-ED for giving them this experience. 

Desery van Wyk, Manager Digital Channels at FNB Namibia Holdings Ltd in Windhoek, spoke on behalf of the USB Alumni Association. She completed the USB-ED Senior Management development programme (SMDP).

She shared that they have early morning breakfast sessions with Namibian guest speakers on a regular basis and touched on topics such as a debate on 25 years since independence in Namibia and does the challenges of the rating agencies for South Africa mean for Namibia. Earlier this year they also held a Leaders Angle event with Prof Andre Roux of the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) as their guest speaker. She encouraged the alumni to join the USB alumni network on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.  She concluded with “if your dream does not scare you, it is not big enough”. 

Jim Linskey, USB-ED General Manager: Rest of Africa, said: “Once again USB-ED had a very successful 2016 running 4 open programmes and graduating of 123 participants at all 3 levels (new, middle and senior managers). The quality and professionalism of the projects and final presentation continue to highlight the commitment of the Namibian participants and how they embrace the learning journey of the USB-ED programmes”. 
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