New Managers' Development Programme (NMDP)


The NMDP focuses on developing a participant’s skills and knowledge by enhancing their management and leadership competencies. It equips them with the confidence and the capabilities to respond effectively to current and future business challenges.​


Target Audience

Supervisors, team leaders and persons aspiring to be managers or taking on first time management roles.

What does it cover

​Managerial skills coupled with self-awareness, enhanced people management, leadership and team skills equips new managers to face various situations with confidence.

The ability to manage information overload, track and manage productivity and communicate shared goals, priorities and values effectively are also essential skills required by new managers.


    Programmes falling within this category will focus on contextual, foundational and environmental content.



    Programmes falling within this category will focus on human resources and people development content.


    Programmes falling within this category will focus on specific function or task specific content.

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Please note: In the spirit of continuous improvement, module content is subject to change.

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  • Simunye
    22 May 2019
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