Management Development Programme (MDP)


The MDP focuses on broadening participants’ self-awareness and leadership attributes in everchanging business environments. It equips participants with insight into business integration, best practice in management and how to start thinking strategically in the workplace.



Target Audience

Managers from any industry, who are responsible for managing business units.


What does it cover


In today’s competitive and ever changing business environment, entrepreneurial
thinking will shape the future of organisations. This requires a better understanding than ever of how the business operates and re-enforces the need for managers to ensure that they do not perform their management roles in isolation.



Programmes falling within this category will focus on contextual, foundational and environmental content.

​The successful participant will be equipped to:
describe the basic functions of general management and intrapreneurship/entrepreneurship and conduct a feasibility study of business opportunities, reflecting a systems approach to management
read, understand and analyse financial statements to determine the financial health of an organisation and manage a budget for profit purposes

develop  a basic marketing plan
draw up a basic plan to recruit, select and motivate human resources, and manage their performance
integrate the programme material into a business plan for a new business opportunity

Programmes falling within this category will focus on human resources and people development content.


Programmes falling within this category will focus on specific function or task specific content.

Please note: In order to keep the structure and content of this programme relevant it is subject to change.

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  • Windhoek
    12 March 2019
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  • Price

    N$ 41 600 (excl. VAT)