Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services


​​​In this course, a variety of biodiversity and ecosystem service frameworks  will be introduced and discussed in light of how they help us understand our connection with and dependance on nature.


Target Audience

​Postgraduate students and practitioners seeking  to learn more about the sensitive balance between ecosystems and society, and how to maintain and enhance the balance.

What does it cover

​In the face of global change and natural resource depletation, it has become an imperative to understand the links between biodiversity and ecosystem services such as freshwater, crop production, grazing, and climate regulation, which underpin the economy and well-being of different groups in society.

The course will also discuss possible tipping points that could trigger large, abrupt, nonlinear changes in ecosystems and society which might threaten critical ecosystem services that support human well-being , especially amongst vulnerable groups

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    Short course
    24 June - 29 June 2019
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    R10 800


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