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We develop and connect leaders during innovative and transformational learning experiences, which lead to the building of extensive networks and, in turn, give rise to positive change across the African continent and beyond. ​​

Open programmes for individuals

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Open programmes training process

Our learning proce​ss allows for​ flex​ibility a​​nd collaborati​on.​..​
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Think about where you are in your career right now.
Are you adding value? Are you ready to grow to the next level of influence? The first step in choosing a suitable development path is to identify your current development needs or learning journey direction. For each available direction, we offer corresponding development opportunities:
To advance to a higher level of management, a suitable comprehensive programme will equip you in your new role as manager.
To further develop your business acumen and leadership abilities, a relevant discipline-specific programme will equip you with practical knowledge.
To stay abreast of the latest trends in the business world, attend a Master Class or a free We Read For You session
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What We Do Take the next step Comprehensive Programmes Project Management NPO Management Marketing Management Leadership HR Management Financial Management Entrpreneurship Coaching Business Management Master Classes WRFY Conferences, Consulting and Research For the individual For the organisation

Custom-designed programmes for organisations

Our learning process allows for flexibility and collaboration a​nd is informed by the needs of the client organisation or company.
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Custom-design training process

Our learning process customises learning to specific management challenges and actively reinforces its application in the workplace.
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Imagine Africa, Imagine Leadership
By Frik Landman, CEO: USB-ED
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